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Aaron and Rachel Sevigny – based in Tulsa, Ok – carry a storied history of passionate worship and a drive to see hearts come alive in the presence of God. Their modus operandi is to make worship and praise before God their life’s greatest pursuit. They are huge advocates of living a lifestyle built on vulnerability, faithfulness, and connection to community. Aaron and Rachel have a heart for growing up future leaders and encouraging young creatives to step into their calling. Their songs are inviting and their leadership communicates trustworthiness and authenticity. Their greatest motivation as worshippers and songwriters is the desire to connect with the Father’s heart and usher in the presence of God. There is so much more to come from these creative, devoted leaders.


Aaron and Rachel enjoy life in Tulsa with their two children, and opportunities to minister both at home and around the world.

Listen to “It Is Finished” available now on iTunes


We’d like to think its all peaches and roses all the time and for me that was the picture I had in my head stepping in to what I felt God was calling me to do. About 3 years ago we experienced a bump in the road – a thing I refer to as…