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Author: Sevigny Music

We’d like to think its all peaches and roses all the time and for me that was the picture I had in my head stepping in to what I felt God was calling me to do. About 3 years ago we experienced a bump in the road – a thing I refer to as an awakening season. We prayed so long “God take us deeper” and in return we were hoping for goose bumps and a warm fuzzy feeling, one thing we learned in this season that another way to say “God take me deeper” is to say “God change me” – and he has – one thing I heard from a Bill Johnson sermon that has changed the way I view a “growth season” is “God rewards growth with pruning” – meaning we won’t “arrive” until our eternal reward which is heaven and this walk is a constant changing. It’s amazing what takes place when you fully surrender to what God wants to do in you! It has been one of the toughest seasons I have ever experienced in my life but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
January of 2016 — we both agreed and felt the season was right to record and to release the songs God has placed on our hearts which has been a dream we shared separately even before we got married in 2007. For us this has been an ongoing endeavor for the past 10 years trying to pray through timing and having the right songs for the right seasons and there just hasn’t been a time that had seemed right for us until now. At this point we don’t have a plan – it’s simple obedience. The undergird of everything we are focused on now with releasing this song is “God told us to…” We know a lot can happen when God meets your simple obedience – it has the potential to change the world (or at least your perspective).
We are certainly excited about releasing this song yet sort of freaked out – for us it’s a realization of a dream – and when you step out of your comfort zone its a feeling of – ‘running out of the house and got halfway to work before you realize you forgot to put clothes on’ – kind of a “drafty season” so to speak. So up to this point, this has been part of our journey to where we are now.
Our hope and prayer is that after reading this you are encouraged and continue to seek God in your own journey to follow after the dreams in your heart.